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How to ship your cards


-We recommend you purchase tracking and insurance.

-Please do not ship cards in binders or pages. The cards can slide out and result in damage. We will refuse any packages shipped like this.

-Please wrap your bulk in plastic wrap or use team bags to keep the cards tightly together. This will also help prevent water damage.

-We do not accept C.O.D. under any circumstance. We will refuse your submission.

-If you have excess postage due, we will contact you and allow you to either pay the difference by deducting it from your total or we will refuse your package.

-Please include your buylist submission # along with a printed copy of your submission.

-Failure to sort your submission (according to type, see below) will result in a sorting fee of 10%



If we need to make adjustments to your submission (wrong, missing or damaged cards) we will send you an updated offer via email. If we do not receive a response

within 3 business days, we assume you accept our offer.

All submissions must be postmarked within 5 days of the date the buy list was submitted. If you ship your submission after 5 days of being approved, we may

update the buy rates. Any changes will be made based on current buy rates (as of the date of receipt). At your discretion, we may return your submission.


The Golden Rule = We do NOT want your damaged cards. If you don't sleeve your cards when you pull them, do NOT send them in to us.

Scratches and scuffs = Lightly Played



How do we determine card conditions?

Trading Card Condition Guide for Selling through Buylist

Near Mint [NM]

Near Mint cards are nearly flawless. There may be minor defects including corner or edge nicks, an almost unnoticeable scratch, or a common print error. Foils may be slightly warped due to the materials of the card. Some promos are notorious of this issue.

Overall, these cards will appear to be crisp, clean and unplayed.


We only deal with NM and LP cards at this time. Whenever we expand into other conditions, this guide will be updated accordingly.


Recommended Packing Supplies

BCW Card Sleeves for Trading Cards
BCW Toploaders for Trading Cards
BCW Team Set Bags for Trading Cards


Lightly Played [LP]

Lightly Played cards may have a few minor defects that are more noticeable such as; light surface scratches, light corner or edge wear, warping (especially foil cards), or a noticeable print defect including print lines.


We only deal with NM and LP cards at this time. Whenever we expand into other conditions, this guide will be updated accordingly.


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For orders placed before noon CST, we ship the same day, Monday - Friday.

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