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With just a little over a week until Sword & Shield releases on PTCGO we got one of our last GX Pokemon cards we will ever get, Alolan Sandslash GX! And in fairness the card is actually pretty decent! The best way to play the card seems to be with Roxie & Weezing allowing you to spread damage to set up for Alolan Sandslash's powerful GX attack that does 100 damage to every one of your opponents Pokemon with damage counters on them! In this post i am going to provide 3 different builds of Alolan Sandslash GX. Two in standard & one expanded build! 

 Sandslash Roxie Welder 

The first way i thought of how to play Alolan Sandslash was with Roxie & Welder which allows you to spread damage and also power up Alolan Sandslash GX! Here is the decklist:  

As you can see with this deck our goal is to rack up damage counters using Roxie with Weezing & Koffing, but we can also use the Unbroken Bonds Weezing to help spread damage around on the board. We can then set up for a really sweet Spiky Storm GX board wipe taking multiple prizes at once. The nice thing about playing the Weezing from Unbroken Bonds and multiple Mew is so that we have answer to our opponents own Mew which can shut off the spread potential of Spiky Storm GX! The deck also uses Welder to accelerate energy onto our Pokemon, allowing you power up Alolan Sandslash GX in one turn. Alongside that i play a couple Triple Energy to also attack out of nowhere with Weezing or Alolan Sandslash! 

Alolan Sandslash/Dewgong

With this next Alolan Sandslash build we play it with Malamar & Dewgong! The idea of this deck is to use attackers like Giratina & Dewgong to set damage up, Dewgong can either snipe bench sitters like Jirachi & Inkay but also put 60 damage on Dedenne GX! Here is the decklist:  

With this deck we use Malamar as our energy acceleration engine as opposed to Welder, this allows us to instantly power up our Dewgong & Giratina consistently. Again with this deck want to set up certain numbers with our attackers to use a big Spiky Storm GX. With any Malamar deck we want to play Jirachi & a lot of draw supporters, i have decided to cut out Acro Bike from this list as i feel i discard to many liabilities but feel free to play the Bike as it is a good card for Malamar. Another idea for this deck is to take out the Alolan Sandshrew and add in a Mewtwo & Mew GX to copy Alolan Sandslash's GX attack without the hassle of evolving a stage 1. Time to jump into our expanded build! 


Alolan Sandslash In Expanded! 

In the expanded format Alolan Sandslash has a lot more tools to work with like Double Colorless Energy & Tapu Koko with Flying Flip! While with this list we still use Roxie/Weezing we also have Exeggcute with Propagation to combo with Misty & Lorelei to use multiple Spiky Storm GX attacks per match! Here is the list:  



In this deck we use Roxie/Weezing still but with this combo in expanded you also can use it with Exeggcute with Propagation to draw 6 with Roxie! I do play Alolan Ninetales GX in here as another good spread setup attacker with Ice Blade doing 50 damage to an opponents Pokemon but also using Ice Path GX with Misty & Lorelei to be able to re-use it over and over & also use Ice Path & Spiky Storm! I don't have an easy counter to Mew or Mr Mime in this deck but i am playing an Alolan Muk (lots of Alolan bois in here) to shut off the bench barrier ability, it's not the greatest counter since it will shut off Exeggcute's ability but it helps get the job done! 




Those are my three favourite takes on Alolan Sandslash GX so far, and i think that the card has the potential to be really cool and clutch in some games. With the new Frosmoth coming out in Sword & Shield in February this also gives Alolan Sandslash a new partner to try out. We will have to see if Alolan Sandslash makes a splash onto the scene and becomes a really cool GX card!