General Policies

  • You must be at least 18 years old or have a parent/legal guardian's permission to use our site and our buylist.
  • Buy rates are listed in USD
  • Buy rates only apply to near mint, English, tournament legal cards. 
  • Buy rates and quantities are subject to change at any time, for any reason.
  • If your package is damaged it will be refused and returned to you.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a transaction for any reason.
  • We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages during transit.
  • We do not offer store credit for bulk.
  • We do NOT accept 6-card PTCGO codes. If you send these, you will be banned. No exceptions.

Payment Bonuses / Credits for PTCGO Codes

  • Store Credit bonus is no longer a flat rate of 25% for codes. Rates will vary on an individual basis.
  • If you mail us the codes, you'll receive a shipping credit based on your total
    • $50+ will receive $3 credit
    • $100+ will receive $6 credit
    • $400+ will receive $12 credit (must be approved)

Code Policies

How to Send Codes

  • Email - Please include submission # and name in subject line
    •  Scanned via phone app such as Pokellector*  - Phone app is recommended to reduce errors
    • In a spreadsheet (.CSV or .XLSX) - single file please
    • Manually typed into an email - Errors are your responsibility
  • Mail

For security reasons, we do not accept PDF or TXT files. If you send these file types, we will request another form or refuse your submission.

To speed up the processing time, we do not accept pictures of codes unless otherwise stated.

We have a way to sort and verify codes. As such, we do not need any headers or labels to determine a code. Please only send us a list of codes.

Codes that say "Picture Required" will ONLY be paid the advertised rate if you send us a picture of the code card with your submission. If you do not follow instructions, we can not properly verify the codes and you will be paid the current bulk rate for any applicable codes. 

Selling Limits (PTCGO Codes only)

We have a daily buying limit of $250 per person. (24 hour period)

If you make a single submission worth over $250 (without approval), we will decline your submission.

If you make multiple submissions with a total value over $250, we will pay for those submissions on different days. If we feel you're taking advantage of our buylist, we will decline your submissions.

We reserve the right to refuse ANY submission for ANY reason. Please follow our rules so we don't have to refuse you.

Making multiple accounts (or any other attempt) to bypass our system will result in immediate and permanent banning.

Resubmitting codes in an attempt to bypass a declined submission will result in an immediate and permanent banning. 

Mailing Codes

Please help us process codes faster by making sure the codes are organized. If you mail us codes, please stack all of the codes in the same direction. If you don't, we may charge a 10% processing fee. 

Anything Else I Should Know?

Tools you can use to ensure you are maximizing your payout;

  • You can validate codes via PTCGO or the Pokemon site  Any and all redeemed or invalid codes are your responsibility. 
  • Apps such as Pokellector will help minimize invalid code / duplicate errors. We recommend that you submit codes either via one of these apps or via mail.
  • If our buylist is closed, we are not accepting codes. 
  • We are here to help should you have any questions! 

Some codes can only be verified by looking at the code card. Those codes will have "Contact Us" instead of a buying rate. 

*We are not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by, or in any way associated with Pokellector.

A submission number is only valid for 24 hours. No more claiming a dozen submission numbers and then sending us codes a week later. We will NOT accept them.

Bulk / Singles Policies

The Golden Rule = We do NOT want your damaged cards. If you don't sleeve your cards when you pull them, do NOT send them in to us.

Scratches and scuffs = Lightly Played

How to ship the cards

  • We recommend you purchase tracking and insurance.
  • Please do not ship cards in binders or pages. The cards can slide out and result in damage. We will refuse any packages shipped like this.
  • Please wrap your bulk in plastic wrap to keep the cards tightly together. This will also help prevent water damage.
  • We do not accept C.O.D. under any circumstance. We will refuse your submission.
  • If you have excess postage due, we will contact you and allow you to either pay the difference by deducting it from your total or we will refuse your package.
  • Please include your buylist submission # along with a printed copy of your submission.
  • Failure to sort your submission (according to type, see below) will result in a sorting fee of 10%
    • If you're selling bulk, please make sure you separate each bundle by rarity
    • If you're selling singles then please organize the cards in the same order as your submission

We're now offering a shipping credit (again!) for singles submissions! The credits will be based solely on value of the lot.

  • $50+ will receive $3 credit
  • $100+ will receive $6 credit
  • $400+ will receive $12 credit

This shipping credit is to help offset shipping codes you'll incur by selling to us. We fully expect the cards to be in Near Mint condition and packed well. 

If we need to make adjustments to your submission (wrong, missing or damaged cards) we will send you an updated offer via email. If we do not receive a response within 3 business days, we assume you accept our offer.

All submissions must be postmarked within 72 hours of the date the buy list was submitted. If you ship your submission after 72 hours of being approved, we may update the buy rates. Any changes will be made based on current buy rates (as of the date of receipt). At your discretion, we may return your submission.

Buying Limits (Singles Only)

We do not have buying limits for singles like we do with codes. The exception here is that we'll only accept up to our maximum quantity per card. If you make multiple submissions in an attempt to bypass our per card buying limit, we will decline at least one submission so that we're not over buying that particular card.