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With the Release of Darkness Ablaze, we have a lot of new cards that are sure to get better over time, and are worth picking up full playsets of due to how good the card is or will be down the road! This list will not include the new VMAXs like Eternatus or Centiskorch as they will be needed anyway if you choose to play them, not to have them stored for when they become good. Let's take a look at what are the best cards to buy in Darkness Ablaze!

Crobat V - 104/189 - Darkness Ablaze | Pokemon Cards


The first Pokémon to pick up is Crobat V! Crobat V is pretty much a Shaymin EX nerfed reprint, where when you play it from your hand onto your bench, you draw cards until you have 6 in your hand. Instead of being able to spam multiple Crobats a turn like you can with Shaymin EX, you can only Crobat V once per turn. This may be a significant nerf, but Crobat V is still an extra draw card, and while Dedenne GX might be better for the time being, Crobat V will eventually become a really good and expensive card like Dedenne was. So, stocking up on Crobat V while they may not be at their peak is an excellent idea. 

Turbo Patch - 172/189 - Darkness Ablaze | Pokemon Cards  

Turbo Patch 

Next up is Turbo Patch, Turbo patch is a powerful item card when combined with basic non GX Pokémon! Turbo Patch states you flip a coin if heads attach a basic energy from your discard pile to one of your basic non GX Pokémon; yes, this work with V Pokémon like Zacian! Turbo Patch will most likely keep getting stronger and stronger as new powerful Basic V cards are added to the game. It's worth picking up either a playset of its secret rare or the normal version. Which it is confirmed there will be 2 in each of the Darkness Ablaze theme decks!

Rose - 168/189 - Darkness Ablaze | Pokemon Cards


Next up is Rose. Rose is a supporter card that helps out VMAXs a lot and can make them more playable and easier to power up and start attacking. Rose states that; You may attach up to 2 basic energy cards from your discard pile to 1 of your Pokémon VMAX, if you do discard your hand. Now while that may seem bad as you're discarding your hand, there are a few cards that synergize with that including Rose Tower. Which, allows you to draw cards until you have 3 in hand and Silvally GX, which enables you to draw cards until you have 5 in hand. Both of these cards are great when paired alongside Rose. As more VMAXs release with each new set, Rose will continue to be a very playable card to help power new VMAXs up quicker to get them attacking! 


Powerful Colorless Energy - 176/189 - Darkness Ablaze | Pokemon Cards

New Special Energies 

With the new set, we are also getting 3 new special energy cards; each synergizes with a certain type. The new energies are: Powerful energy, which allows your colorless type Pokémon to do 20 more damage to your opponent's active; Hiding Energy which goes with Dark-type Pokémon and gives the Dark-type Pokémon a free retreat cost when attached to it; And finally we have Heat energy which when attached to a Fire Pokémon gives it 20 HP. These 3 new special energy cards will be useful as more new Colorless, Dark & Fire types are released and also go well with already existing Pokémon like Reshiram & Charizard GX & Weavile GX. But they also go well with some of the new VMAXs like Centiskorch, Eternatus, and Salamence VMAX! 

Those are all the new important cards in Darkness Ablaze and are the ones that have the potential to keep getting better with new sets releasing with more new Pokémon for these cards to synergize with and are definite must-buys!  

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