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Next week the newest Sword & Shield Set, Vivid Voltage, is being released! The set has a lot of cool new cards in it, including some new strong V cards! There is also a new type of card called; Amazing Rares. These cards have multi-energy attack costs but have strong attack effects! Let's count down what I think the Top 5 best cards in the set are!


5: Coalossal VMAX

Coalossal VMAX - 189/185 - Vivid Voltage | Card Cavern TCGs

At the number 5 spot, I have included Coalossal VMAX, which I believe to be the best VMAX in the set! Coalossal VMAX has a great type right now as it is a fighting type & within this set, we are receiving a new special fighting energy that makes your fighting Pokémon bulkier. On top of that, Coalossal VMAX has 330 HP with a 4 retreat cost, which means it can play Buff Padding! This will give it 380 HP, but with a few special fighting energies, it can technically have over 400 HP! Its attacks are pretty strong, as its first attack for a single fighting energy does 40 damage, but you discard the top card of your deck, and if it is a fighting energy, you do 90 more damage, and you get to attach it to Coalossal! You can combine this attack with Primate Wisdom Oranguru to allow you to guarantee an energy card is at the top of your deck! Coalossal, just being a tanky fighting type that can deal with the likes of Eterantus VMAX & PikaRom, makes it a strong contender for this list at number 5! 


4: Talonflame V

Talonflame V - 168/185 - Vivid Voltage | Card Cavern TCGs

At number 4, I have chosen Talonflame V. Talonflame V's main appeal is its first attack! For a single colorless energy, you can discard your hand & draw 6 cards; if you go first, you can use this attack on your first turn! This attack is really great to help you set up, and the energy cost being colorless means you can play Talonflame V in any deck! Talonflame V also has a free retreat cost, making it a great pivot and can move out of the active spot the turn after you use its attack! This card is just great for any deck as if you go first, you now have an advantage! 


3: Leon 

Leon Full Art - 182/185 - Vivid Voltage | Card Cavern TCGs

The brand new supporter card, Leon, comes in at the number 3 spot. Leon is a great new supporter as it merely states that; during this turn, your Pokémon's attacks do 30 more damage to your opponent's active Pokémon! This supporter is an excellent 1-2 of in many decks as sometimes just doing 30 more damage can push you over the edge and help get you the knockout needed! This supporter will likely see play in decks like ADP, Eternatus VMAX, and PikaRom! While this is your supporter for your turn, you can easily play Dedenne GX or Crobat V to give you some draw for your turn, and even just doing 30 more damage to take a big knockout is better than Marnie or Research sometimes! This supporter also is great for any deck using Eldegoss V since you can use Eldegoss to fish it out of your discard pile anytime you want! Leon will definitely impact the Standard Format and can be what makes certain decks have easier matchups! 


2: Coating Energy 

 Coating Energy - 163/185 - Vivid Voltage | Card Cavern TCGs

At the number 2 spot is the new Special Energy, Coating Energy! This energy is for Metal Pokémon and provides a Metal energy cost, which is huge for Zacian decks as they'd run Weakness Guard energy to help against Fire decks, but Weakness Guard energy does not help fuel Zacian Brave Blade attack! Now Coating Metal energy does that! This energy card will help make LucMetal even stronger as it helps a ton in the Fire matchups! Fire decks would have to play Giratina, Team Yell Grunt, or Crushing Hammer to try to remove the energy, but since Welder based decks can't always consistently find those cards, they can still struggle to remove the energy! Coating energy is just giving any Metal deck a stronger advantage now makes it a very impactful and powerful card and will change the way Welder based decks are built! 


1: Jirachi 

Jirachi - 119/185 - Vivid Voltage | Card Cavern TCGs

Well, every new Jirachis recently seem to be good, huh? This new Amazing Rare Jirachi lives up to the name as it has a great ability! Its ability states; Once during your turn, if Jirachi is in your active spot, you may look at the top 2 cards of your deck and put 1 in your hand. Put the other card back on top of your deck. This is a great ability to help you dig through your deck! Getting a free card every turn is great as Jirachi can be what you put in your active spot after a Pokémon of yours is KO'd. It can be used with cards like Switch & Scoop Up Net to go into it, as you can have an Air Balloon or a U-Turn Board on Jirachi to retreat it! While this card is not as good as Stellar Wish Jirachi, it will still make an impact, and nearly every deck can play 3-4 of these Jirachis to help them set up more!


So that is, in my opinion, the top 5 best cards in Vivid Voltage! Some honorable mentions for cards that I left off the list include Hero's Bath, Snorlax, Aegislash V/VMAX & Stone Energy! This set is looking to be pretty impactful and has new cards that will change the way decks are played and built! 


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