Who We Sponsor


We would like to welcome OU7C4ST to our team of amazing streamers! With one of the biggest names in the game, here is a list of his credentials;

Owner of /r/ptcgo - Reddit's biggest gathering of PTCGO players with ~35,000 subscribers.

Owner of the most used PTCGO Card Value Guide on the Internet.

First Twitch Streamer to become an official content creator by The Pokemon Company Int'l. Partnered with both Discord & StreamLabs

Little Dark Fury

We would like to welcome Little Dark Fury as the newest member of our team of streamers! With content on;
- Helpful Guides
- Top 5's/10s
- New Deck Ideas for the community
- Recapping Best Decks in the game
- Livestreams
It's easy to see LDF has amazing passion and knowledge for Pokemon!