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Ever wanted to get yourself a couple of Dedenne GX but could not afford any? Well now, on June 26th, Pokémon is releasing a brand new Trainer's Toolkit, which will contain two Dedenne GX! This Toolkit is the perfect pickup for any new player is getting into the game and wants to learn and obtain some useful cards for building themselves a Standard Format deck! The Trainer's Toolkit comes with two copies of Dedenne GX. Still, it also comes with a lot of other really good Trainer cards and also contains some other very useful items like Sleeves for your deck, a rulebook for the TCG, a Deck Building guide and plenty of other useful items! Let's breakdown everything in this Toolkit and what it means for you as a player when building a deck! 

Dedenne GX - 195a/214 - Alternate Art Promo | Card Cavern TCGs


So for starters, as stated before, yes, this kit does include two copies of Dedenne GX! Dedenne GX is a pretty expensive card and is very sought after due to it being used in nearly every deck in the Standard Format (sometimes in multiple copies). But now, with this Toolkit, it will drop it's price both IRL and on PTCGO, making it easier to obtain Dedenne! While the kit only has the 2 Dedenne GX for Pokémon, it does come with a lot of staple Trainer Cards. These include; Reset Stamp, Marnie, Mallow & Lana, Giant Hearth, Metal Saucer, Quick Ball, Professor's Research, Welder, Green's Exploration and best of all another then-expensive Trainer cards, two copies of Boss's Order! Having all of these trainer cards is good as some are used in different deck archetypes like Giant Hearth & Welder being in Fire decks, Metal Saucer in Zacian, and Green's Exploration in Green's Engine decks! The Boss's Order is arguably the best pick up in this Toolkit because it was a pretty expensive card on PTCGO due to it being a Rare Holo Trainer card, and it was used generally as 2 of in every deck now since Rebel Clash's release. Much like Dedenne GX, Boss's Order will now go down in value, and you also get yourself the normal two copies you need for your standard deck! With all those great cards and the 2 Dedenne GX's, you'd think that'd be it, right? But nope, there are even more useful items in the Toolkit; let's check them out! 


Boss's Orders - 154/192 - Non-Holo Exclusive | Card Cavern TCGs

The Toolkit also includes Card sleeves, which are essential, and a must-have on your deck to protect your cards from getting damaged; the kit gives you 65, meaning you will have five spare ones if they get ruined! The kit also comes with a  Deck Building Guide and a Pokémon TCG rulebook to help you understand how the game works and how to construct yourself a deck, helping you out with all the Trainer cards provided! The kit also includes 7 Dice, which are commonly used over coins in tournaments for coin flipping and damage counter placement! The kit will also contain 4 TCG Booster packs that will help you in Deck Building, especially if you pull a good GX/V card! And of course in the kit will also be a code card that will allow you to get all the cards provided in the kit to be on your PTCGO account! This Trainer Toolkit is a must-have for new players and even can be worth to pick up if you also need to have more Dedenne GX and Boss's Orders for your PTCGO account! This is a great new item, and I hope that Pokémon will continue to release products that will contain some of these powerful standard cards inside them, making it easier for players to get their hands on them!