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With the release of Rebel Clash, we received yet another water type VMAX, this time, it was Inteleon VMAX! Inteleon VMAX proves that it could be the best water type VMAX we have yet with its attacks that both disrupt the opponent's energy & snipes their bench! I've built my Inteleon VMAX deck around combining both the ability to snipe & to be disruptive to the opponent's energy as we can take both control route & an aggressive route with Inteleon VMAX! Controlling the opponent's energy is good against decks like Dragapult VMAX, while the aggressive approach can help against decks that like to bench a lot of Dedenne GX! Inteleon VMAX's first attack, Hydro Snipe, does 60 damage for a single energy; not bad as with a Zigzagoon drop, this can OHKO a Jirachi in the active! This puts an energy from your opponent's active back into their hand, while Max Bullet does 160 damage for 3 energy and does 60 damage to one of your opponent's bench Pokémon! Let's take a look at my list and discuss the cards I chose to play!

Inteleon VMAX - 50/192 - Rebel Clash | Card Cavern TCGs

The List: 

Pokémon: 18

- 3 Inteleon VMAX (RC)

- 3 Inteleon V (RC, Promo) 

- 2 Frosmoth (SWSH)

- 3 Snom (SWSH) 

- 3 Jirachi (TEU)

- 1 Zigzagoon (SWSH)

- 1 Mewtwo (UNB) 

- 1 Giratina (UNM) 

- 1 Dedenne GX (UNB) 

- 1 Mew (UNB) 

Trainers: 32 

- 1 Great Catcher (CEC)

- 1 Ordinary Rod (SWSH) 

- 2 Pokémon Communication (TEU)

- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)

- 4 Scoop Up Net (RC) 

- 3 Super Scoop Up (CES) 

- 3 Switch (SWSH) 

- 1 Chaotic Swell (CEC)

- 1 Boss's Order (RC)

- 1 Mallow & Lana (CEC)

- 3 Marnie (SWSH)

- 2 Team Yell Grunt (SWSH)

- 4 Professor's Research (SWSH)

- 2 Escape Board (ULP) 

Energy: 10 

- 2 Weakness Guard Energy (UNM) 

- 8 Water Energy 

With this Inteleon VMAX list, we are using a lot of scoop up cards like Scoop Up Net & Super Scoop Up, while we use 1 prize basics like the Zigzagoon to support the Inteleon VMAXs! We use Zigzagoon to help KO benched Pokémon like Jirachi & even stuff like Jynx other Zigzagoons with Inteleon's Max Bullet attack! The Giratina is good combined with Inteleon's first attack Hydro Snipe as against a Dragapult VMAX we can use the Giratina to remove a Horror Energy & Hydro Snipe the other energy back to their hand; essentially resetting their attack! The Giratina can also be useful against Spiritomb now as if they lock in a Black Market Prism star, we can use Giratina to remove their special energy from the Spiritomb, allowing us to take a prize! Also, Giratina can slow down lightning Pokémon with Speed energy! The Mewtwo is also a good Scoop Up Net target for this deck as we can use it to re-use a supporter at some point like Mallow & Lana or Boss's Order! Finally we have Frosmoth which is in the deck to help build up the Inteleon VMAX in one turn when we need to play aggressive with our Inteleon VMAX! The Jirachis, Dedenne GX & Mew are to support with drawing and to protect our bench from Tag Bolt GX, and even Mew's attack goes well with Inteleon VMAX's attack Max Bullet! 

Scoop Up Net - 165/192 - Rebel Clash | Card Cavern TCGs  

For the trainers I have gone with, we already talked about the Scoop Up Nets, but I also included Super Scoop Up in here. I recently found a home in Inteleon VMAX lists for Super Scoop Up, and while initially, I did not like it, it proves as a good card in a deck with Scoop Up Nets already and can also be a way to heal your Inteleon VMAX fully! Where if Inteleon is healed with the Super Scoop Up and you have Frosmoth in play and another Inteleon V on your bench from your following turn, you can re-build the Inteleon VMAX right back up! This combo is very good as Inteleon VMAX does suffer from being a 3 prizer, which makes it easier for your opponent to win by merely KOing 2 Inteleon VMAXs. I have included 1 Chaotic Swell because I wanted to have some form of a counter stadium in this deck, & Chaotic Swell was the best choice. However, Shrine of Punishment & Viridian Forest are also good alternatives! I like having a little toolbox of supporter cards with Marnie for draw/disruption & having the Team Yell Grunts to use with Inteleon VMAX's Hydro Snipe attack to reset 2 energy! Mallow & Lana can be useful in here too for the healing to help keep your 320 HP Inteleon alive! Remember, all these supporters can be re-used through Mewtwo! Finally, I do play 2 Weakness Guard energy since it is needed so that Inteleon VMAX is not OHKO'd by a Pikachu & Zekrom GX! Even with the Weakness Guards, however, the Pikachu & Zekrom match can be a little tricky. That is it for the Inteleon VMAX list I have come up with & I feel it can beat some of the top decks right now! Some other cards to consider including in the deck are; Reset Stamp, 4th Super Scoop Up, Capacious Bucket & a 2nd Zigzagoon! If you want some help obtaining some of these cards, Inteleon V has its own tin, you can obtain 4 Jirachi in the Pikachu & Zekrom Battle Arena Kit, and in a few weeks, Dedenne GX will also be included in a Trainer Kit!