The Fiery Cinderace VMAX! | Card Cavern TCGs

One of the most interesting VMAX cards to come out of Rebel Clash was Cinderace VMAX, which turns out it can be pretty strong & quite tricky to actually beat! Cinderace VMAX proves to be a decent underdog deck right now in our current standard format, and since Cinderace VMAX is a fire type & has quite a bit of bulk, it can be a great attacker against Zacian V, which is one of the best cards out right now! The main draw to Cinderace VMAX is if it is attacked by a Pokémon for 2 energy, it dishes back the damage it received! So if it takes 200 damage from an attacker, it does 200 damage right back, this effect can also be used even if Cinderace is moved to the bench via Mallow & Lana! So when building around Cinderace VMAX we try to take advantage of its bulk & dishing the damage back to the opponent, let's take a look at a list!

Cinderace VMAX - 36/192 - Rebel Clash | Pokemon Cards

The List: 

Pokémon: 16 
- 3 Cinderace V (RC) 
- 2 Cinderace VMAX (RC) 
- 3 Jirachi (TEU)
- 1 Volcanion (UNB) 
- 1 Vulpix (SWSH)
- 1 Ninetales (TEU)
- 1 Tapu Fini (UNM) 
- 2 Dedenne GX (UNB)
- 1 Eldegoss V (RC) 
- 1 Victini V (SWSH) 

Trainers: 32 
- 1 Fiery Flint (DRM) 
- 2 Fire Crystal (UNB)
- 1 Hyper Potion (SWSH) 
- 3 Pokégear (SWSH) 
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)
- 2 Pokémon Communication (TEU)
- 4 Switch (SWSH) 
- 1 Tool Scrapper (RC) 
- 2 Giant Hearth (UNM)
- 1 Heat Factory (LOT)
- 1 Boss's Order (RC) 
- 2 Mallow & Lana (CEC) 
- 1 Professor's Research (SWSH)
- 4 Welder (UNB) 
- 2 Escape Board (ULP) 
- 1 Big Charm (SWSH) 


Energy: 12
- 12 Fire Energy 

With this Cinderace VMAX list, we have a lot of different fire support & with the addition of Eldegoss V, we can easily reuse a Welder from our discard pile! Let's talk about the inclusions, Cinderace VMAX is your main attacker and utilizes its attack, Counter. Cinderace VMAX also has another attack, which for 3 energy does 170 damage and auto burns the opponent's active. This a good solid attack that can two hit KO most Tag Teams & VMAXs and is a great attack to use if Counter is not doing much damage. For the draw Pokémon, it's always good to have consistency with Dedenne GX in any deck relying on Welder for support as Dedenne acts as a second supporter. It can be useful to dig through your deck; of course, Jirachi helps us to find our Welders and what not. I chose to have a few other attackers in the deck to help out Cinderace. I went with Victini V as a nice hard hitter with its attack Energy Burst & its first attack Spreading Flames can be useful to power up a Cinderace on the bench! Volcanion can be used similarly to Victini, where it can attack & power up a Cinderace VMAX on the bench, especially if we go second! Tapu Fini is just in the deck to help us against Baby Blacephalon, which can OHKO Cinderace very easily! I have also thrown in a 1-1 line of Ninetales to give us a free gust effect instead of using Boss's Order, especially if we have to use Welder that turn. Let's dive into the Trainers now. 

Ninetales - 16/181 - Team Up | Pokemon Cards

The trainers in this deck are very important and make up most of our strategy, like with most fire decks we have the normal inclusions of Welder, Fire Crystal, Heat Factory, Giant Hearth & Fiery Flint. Some of the more interesting inclusions I chose are, of course, the Mallow & Lanas. Mallow & Lana can be used to heal our Cinderace VMAX & when you play the Mallow & Lana & bring back the Cinderace VMAX to active, you can still use Counter! Mallow & Lana can be reused with Eldegoss V & searched for with Pokégear & Dedenne GX! The single copy of Hyper potion is also here to help us heal & when combined with Welder, you heal and recharge back up your Cinderace VMAX! I have also put a Tool Scrapper in the deck to remove Metal Frying Pans from opposing Metal types so that Cinderace can OHKO them. The Big Charm is also here to give Cinderace VMAX more HP, which is important against decks that can 2 hit ko you! Some other options for cards you can put in this deck include; Reset Stamp, Acro Bike, Heatran GX, Dubwool V & Reshiram & Charizard GX! If you want to get some important staple Fire support cards, picking up the Reshiram & Charizard Battle Arena can help you out. You can even play around with that deck to get an idea of how Welder decks are played! So if you want to try out a good & fun underdog deck right now, give Cinderace VMAX a try!