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If you're looking to build & play with a cheap deck that doesn't even play any draw Pokemon like Dedenne GX or Crobat V, then look no further than Decidueye/Obstagoon! This deck is all about preventing your opponent from damaging you. It has been showing a lot of promise recently as it has been performing very well in many online tournaments, making Top 8 and even winning a few! This deck revolves around your main attacker, Decidueye, which has an ability where GXs or Vs cannot damage it! Yep, so most Tag Teams & VMAXs cannot hit you! This card is also very cheap and can be found within the Darkness Ablaze Prerelease kit! Let's look at a sample list and breakdown what the deck is all about and how it plays! 

Pokémon: 19
- 4 Rowlet (CEC)
- 2 Dartrix (DAA)
- 4 Decidueye (DAA or DAA Prerelease Promo) 
- 3 Jirachi (TEU)
- 1 Phione (CEC)
- 2 Galarian Zigzagoon (SWSH)
- 2 Galarian Obstagoon (SWSH) 
- 1 Mew (UNB)

Trainers: 32 
- 1 Ordinary Rod (SWSH)
- 3 Pokémon Communication (TEU)
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)
- 4 Rare Candy (SWSH) 
- 4 Scoop Up Net (RCL)
- 2 Switch (SWSH)
- 1 Turffield Stadium (RCL)
- 1 Boss's Order (RCL)
- 3 Marnie (SWSH)
- 4 Professor's Research (SWSH)
- 3 Rosa (CEC)
- 2 Big Parasol (DAA)
Energy: 9 
- 2 Weakness Guard (UNI)
- 2 Darkness Energy 
- 5 Grass Energy 




So as you can see, this deck is purely a budget deck, the most expensive cards being the Jirachis! With this deck, you want to establish an early Decidueye and start attacking as soon as possible to take out any threats to Decidueye your opponent may have, including non-V/GX attackers! Using Jirachi to help set you up using Steller Wish to find you Rare Candy for Decidueye or supporters like Rosa. Once you get a Decidueye into play, your opponent may end up losing the game as some decks like ADP or Zacian LucMetal have no answer to the Decidueye! We have the Zigzagoon line in here for 2 reasons. The first reason is for extra damage on non-V/GX cards; for instance, a couple of Zigzagoon drops on a Volcanion can then allow you to KO the Volcanion in one hit with Decidueye.

The Obstagoon can make this easier by adding 30 damage, which is just essential when trying to KO those lower HP non-GX/V Pokemon your opponent tries to throw at you to KO your Decidueye! The Obstagoon can also be an attacker of its own, as its attack Obstruct makes it immune to all basic Pokemon attacks. This means most basics your opponent uses to KO Decidueye can't go through the Obstagoon, sometimes completely locking them out of winning as they have no way to deal with Obstagoon. This can be really good against Tag Team focused decks like ADPZ or Bird Trio! The Phione is in the deck for protection against Eldegoss loops and can be useful to force your opponent to bring in a non-GX/V! 


The trainers and supporters are pretty straight forward as draw cards like Marnie & Professor's Research help you dig through your deck, but the Rosas are also very important. Let's say a Jirachi gets KO'd; then, you can play Rosa, allowing you to get a Decidueye, a Rare Candy & an Energy. This should usually let you get a quick Decidueye in play without having to rely on trying to draw into it! The 4 Scoop Up Net are also very important for many situations. 1 for when you are trying to drop Zigzagoons down to add damage to take a big KO with Decidueye & 2 so that you can take Pokemon off the board that can be potential Boss's Order targets.; this is very relevant in the ADP matchup. The Big Parasol is here for the Mewtwo & Mew GX matchup, where they use Muk & Alolan Muk GX to poison your Decidueye & Obstagoon to KO them! 


Having the Weakness Guard energy here is essential for Decidueye as it is weak to Fire, so when you have Weakness Guard energy, you have a way to protect yourself from Volcanion! And for the rest, we have a split of Darkness & Grass energy for both Obstagoon & Decidueye as they need 2 energy to attack. For extra cards to consider playing in here, there are Mimikyu (CEC), 2nd Turffield Stadium, 4th Rosa, Oranguru (SWSH), 4th Jirachi, 3rd Weakness Guard energy! 


This Decidueye/Obstagoon deck is certainly making a name for itself as it is consistently performing well, and not many people can expect to see this as their lists may not play many or any counters to Decidueye/Obstagoon at all! This is an excellent deck to pick up if you're playing on a budget or who wants to get cheap, easy wins as people tend to concede to this deck if they have no counters! 

Post By: Littledarkfury