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Recently I was able to make the top 8 in an online tournament (HegsterTCG) with Mad Party/Dewgong! This was a deck I was proud of making and is a very fun deck to play! This deck has many different combos & strategies for how it works and plays with each different matchup! I'll provide my new version of the list and breakdown the strategy and your best matchups!

Pokémon: 30  
- 4 Bunnelby (DAA) 
- 4 Dedenne (DAA) 
- 4 Mr. Rime (DAA) 
- 4 Sinistea (DAA)  
- 4 Polteageist (DAA) 
- 1 Seel (UNB) 
- 1 Dewgong (UNB) 
- 1 Koffing (CEC) 
- 2 Weezing (CEC) 
- 1 Mew (UNB)
- 1 Oranguru (SWSH)
- 2 Dedenne GX (UNB)
- 1 Eldegoss V (RCL)


Trainers: 21 

- 1 Evolution Incense (SWSH)
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)
- 4 Great Ball (SWSH)
- 2 Pokémon Communication (TEU)
- 2 Boss's Orders (RCL)
- 3 Professor's Research (SWSH)
- 4 Roxie (CEC)
- 2 Air Balloon (SWSH) 

Energy: 8 
- 4 Twin Energy (RCL)
- 4 Triple Acceleration Energy (UNB) 


This is my modified 60 card list of my Mad Party deck! This deck was something I came up with when wanting to build a new twist on the Mad Party archetype, which usually sees play with Duskull & Hapu, so I tried it out with Dewgong & a Roxie/Weezing engine, and it showed a lot of promise! The Dewgong has good synergy with Triple Energy, which you already play 4 of. You can use Dual Blizzard for a single energy attachment and do 60 damage to 2 of your opponents’ Pokémon! Combine this with Roxie & Weezing, and you can KO a Jirachi and a Galarian Zigzagoon; 2 notorious 70hp bench sitters right now! The Dewgong can also be used to set up 60 damage on a VMAX or Tag Team GX to be KO’d later on by Bunnelby or Polteageist if need be! With the Mad Party deck, we use many discarding cards like Roxie, Dedenne GX & Professor's Research to put Mad Partiers into the discard pile so that your Bunnelby & Polteageist do more damage, as their attack does more damage for each Mad Partier in your discard pile! If you have the maximum amount you can have for a Mad Partier to attack with, you can do 300 total damage!


The Oranguru is good in here to conserve your resources as there will be many times where you may end up having to discard a lot of energy with a Dedenne GX or Professor's Research, so having Oranguru's ability can let you save one. It also is important to have for when you are predicting your opponent is going to Marnie you, so you can guarantee a way to get out of a 4 card Marnie hand! The Roxie & Weezing, of course, can combine well with Dewgong but also can increase your damage output as the Weezing and Koffing, when discarded with Roxie, will damage all of your opponent's Pokémon. You can use this to add extra damage to High Hp Pokémon to make it easier to KO them with a Mad Party attacker! The Mew is important here too, as decks like Inteleon VMAX will try to snipe your Pokémon and can KO multiple Pokémon at once as your Bunnelbys and Polteageists have low HP! The Eldegoss V is important as since you're discarding so many cards, you easily lose a Boss's Order early, so with Eldegoss V, you have the option to recover a discarded supporter!


With this deck, you always want to go 2nd as you can attack on your first turn, going 2nd to apply pressure or even sometimes to get a donk! As a single prize attacking deck, you can handle most decks using mainly V’s and GX Pokémon, as you're trading 1 prize for 2 prizes. And as the match goes on, the more Mad Partiers hit the discard pile, the more damage you're doing, even to the point where you can OHKO most V’s and Tag Teams! Your best matchup by far is Blacephalon, as in my top 8 run, I played against a total of 4 Blacephalon decks! This matchup is where your Dewgong can put in work as you can use it to KO Jirachi and Blacephlaon, which can really cripple them! 2 matchups that can be close are Centiskorch VMAX & Eternatus VMAX. Centiskorch has a few good backup attackers with their Volcanions. Since I have no stadium here, some Centiskorch VMAX lists play Wondrous Labyrinth, which can make it, so you have to use Triple Energy with Polteageist to attack! The Eternatus VMAX matchup is close to as again you can 2 hit KO most of their Eternatus VMAX, but they have backup attackers like Hoopa & Galarian Zigzagoon, which can KO Bunnelbys and Sinisteas before they even have attacked! However, you have Dewgong, which can KO 2 Galarian Zigzagoons! The ADPZ matchup can be unfavored as they usually can just win after using a turn 1 Altered Creation, especially if you're forced to bench 2 Dedenne GX; they just gust both up to win. Even if you don't use Dedenne GX, it is still hard to take 6 prizes when each Mad Partier gives up 2 per KO. The Dewgong can also be good for all your 1 Prize matchups like Decidueye & the Mad Party mirror match as Dewgong can KO multiple Rowlets & Mad Partiers at once, swinging the prize trade in your favor!

 This Mad Party Dewgong deck, I believe, to be a pretty strong 1 prize deck right now in our current standard format, maybe even the best 1 prize attacking deck right now! This deck is relatively easy to pick up as Dedenne GX is cheaper now, thanks to the Trainer's ToolKit, and Mad Party cards are fairly inexpensive! Definitely give this deck a try if you want to try a more fun, multi combo-based deck!


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