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With the release of the new Galar Partner tins, we get three brand new V Pokémon cards; Inteleon V, Rillaboom V & Cinderace V! Each of the three new V Pokémon will also be coming with their own respective VMAX cards in our next English set; "Rebel Clash." In this set, we will receive a Cinderace VMAX, Inteleon VMAX & Rillaboom VMAX! These new VMAX cards are pretty good as they have been performing pretty well in Japan! Let's look at the three new V Pokémon and see what they're good with when they release and what their new VMAX counterparts are about!

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Starting things off, we have Rillaboom V, which I believe is the best V Pokémon out of these three. Rillaboom being a bulky 220 HP basic grass type, makes it a great addition to the existing Rillaboom decks in standard right now! Its attack Wood Hammer hits for 220 damage, which is great damage output to do as it can KO a Zacian V without a Metal Frying Pan in one hit! The Rillaboom VMAX we are getting in our next set is also very strong and, of course, good in the already existing Rillaboom decks. Rillaboom VMAX's attack "Grand Drum Roll" for 3 grass energy and 1 colorless does 130 damage, then you can discard up to 3 grass energy from it to do 50 more damage for each energy discarded! This means Rillaboom VMAX hits for a total of 280 damage! Rillaboom V is a pretty decent attacker for right now in Rillaboom decks, but when the VMAX comes out, it will become very powerful and worth getting your hands on! 

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Cinderace V is a pretty run of the mill fire type attacker. It can be built up with Welder, of course, and can do 140 damage for three energy. Its ability can be useful because when there is a stadium in play, Cinderace V does not have a retreat cost meaning that it can go back to your bench when it is close to being knocked out. Combine Cinderace V with Ninetales from Team Up and Reshiram & Charizard GX, and you may have a pretty decent addition to Fire Box! Cinderace VMAX is a lot better as it has 320 HP and the attack; Counter, that does 30 damage plus damage equal to the amount of damage Cinderace VMAX received from your opponent last turn. Which combined with cards like Hyper Potion and Welder you can be a wall to your opponent if they cannot hit for 320+ damage in one attack! 

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Lastly, we have Inteleon V, which is best partnered with Frosmoth to accelerate energy onto it. Its attack Snipe Shot can do 40 damage to Pokémon on the bench to set it up to be Knocked out for later or to 2-Shot Jirachis. Its attack Aqua Report is not very special as it just reveals your opponent's hand. Much like the other 2 V Pokémon, Inteleon VMAX is looking very promising as an attacker in Frosmoth! Its attacks are both strong, Inteleon VMAX's first attack "Hydro Snipe" does 60 damage for one energy and return an energy from your opponent's active back to their hand! This attack, in combination with a Vitality Band, can KO a Jirachi in one hit and is a disruptive attack that can slow down decks trying to charge up! Inteleon VMAX's second attack does 160 damage, and 60 damage to one of your opponent's benched Pokémon! This attack can set up other Pokémon to be knocked out and can KO a Dedenne GX while sniping another card! 

In closing, these three new V cards are going to become useful when we receive their VMAX counterparts in Rebel Clash but can still be decent in our current UPR-SWSH format.


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