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Alongside the new Galar tins that come with three new V Pokémon, there is another V Pokémon box coming out; Toxtricity V! Toxtricity V has 210 HP and is a basic Pokémon. It is also a lightning type, which is a good thing as it can be paired with all the good Lightning support cards like Tapu Koko Prism, Thunder Mountain, and Electropower. Toxtricity V has 2 attacks; its first attack allows you to attach a lightning energy from your discard to Toxtricity. It's second attack for 2 Lightning energy, and 1 Colorless does 120 damage and poisons your opponents active! Let's talk about how to play this card!

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 So with Toxtricity V's attack that poisons your opponent's active, we will try to build around that attack. I think the best partner for Toxtricity V is with Toxicroak from Sword & Shield. Toxicroak's ability allows you to put 2 more damage counters on your opponent's poisoned Pokémon between turns! This means that poisoned Pokémon will be taking 3 damage counters for poison, and this ability also can stack if you have multiple Toxicroak in play! Combine Toxicroak & Toxtricity with the lightning support cards like Electro Power, and you can hit pretty hard with your Toxtricity! Also, throwing in an Absol or two can be strong so that your opponent's poisoned Pokémon can struggle to retreat from the active spot! We are also getting a new Toxtricity VMAX in our next set in May, Rebel Clash, Let's see what the card is all about! 

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Toxtricity VMAX is a strong 320 HP Lightning type Pokémon once again like Toxtricity V! Being a Lightning type also means you get access to cards like Electro Power and Thunder Mountain! Toxtricity VMAX has one attack that for 2 Lightning energy & 1 Colorless energy can do 160 damage plus 80 more damage if your opponent's active Pokémon is Poisoned! This attack alone is doing 250 damage (with the poison on top of the 240 damage). When we combine this attack with a single Electro Power, we are knocking out most Tag Team Pokémon like Arceus & Dialga & Palkia & Mewtwo & Mew GX in one hit! Now trying to poison your opponent's active can be tricky, but we can play Koga's Trap, Toxtricity V's second attack, or another new card coming in Rebel Clash, Garbodor! Garbodor's ability states that if there is a Stadium card in play, your opponent's active is now poisoned! These three cards can all make for great partners for Toxtricity VMAX, and they make Toxtricity a potential force to be reckoned with!


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