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When deck building in the UPR-SWSH format, there are quite a few good "one" of tech cards you can throw in your deck to help in certain matchups or make it harder for some decks to deal with you! This list does not include any Prism star cards as they don't really count as you have to play 1 of each anyways. Some of these tech cards can be useful for certain decks, to slow down specific cards, and to help you in sticky situations. Let's look at what ones can fit your deck! 

Absol - 88/181 - Team Up - Holo | Card Cavern


Let's talk about the best tech card to put into your deck right now, Absol from Team Up! Absol has an ability that when it is in play, your opponent's active basic Pokémon has one more colorless in its retreat cost. The reason why this is so good is because of Jirachi! Jirachi has a retreat cost of one, but when you put down Absol, its retreat cost becomes two. This means that Jirachi cannot retreat with just an escape board and has to play an energy and escape board or a switch! Since Jirachi is in mostly every deck now, playing Absol is really good and can even buy you time where the opponent can't move their Jirachi! 

Phione - 57/236 - Cosmic Eclipse | Card Cavern


Next up, we have Phione. Phione has an ability where if it is on your bench, you can shuffle back into your deck, and your opponent has to switch their active with a Pokémon their bench! This ability can be used for many reasons; if your opponent has only one other Pokémon on their bench, then you can knock it out as it forced into the active. It can be annoying to use Phione's ability to bring benched Pokémon up constantly as your opponent may have Pokémon on their bench they don't want to be brought up. Phione also can counter Lillie's Poké Doll as you force the Doll back to the bench, meaning that if your opponent has no other Doll on their bench, then you can take a prize card! If your deck struggles against Lillie's Poké Doll, having one Phione can help fix that! 

Mew - 76/214 - Unbroken Bonds - Holo | Card Cavern


Next up, we have Mew. Mew's ability can protect your benched Pokémon from attacks. While it cannot protect you from attacks like Espeon Deoxy's attack Cross Divison, it does, however, protect you from Pikachu & Zekrom's GX attack Tag Bolt! This is very important as Tag Bolt GX can KO something on your bench, allowing them to cripple you and take multiple prizes! But with Mew in play, they cannot do that! Mew can also protect you from other smaller attacks like Giratina & Garchomp GX's Linear attack and Buzzwole & Pheramosa GX's attack Jet Punch! Since Pikachu & Zekrom is considered one of the best decks right now, having just one Mew in your deck can make all the difference! 

Mimikyu - 97/236 - Cosmic Eclipse | Card Cavern


With Mimikyu, we use it to help against Mewtwo & Mew GX! Mewtwo & Mew GX's ability allows it copy any GX card's attack from the discard pile or in play, so we use Mimikyu to shut off Mewtwo & Mew's attack! Mimikyu's ability states that when it is in play, any GX that has damage counters on it, it's ability is shut off! This won't stop people from playing cards like Dedenne GX from their hand, but it does shut off Mewtwo & Mew GX's ability and also Keldeo GX and Weavile GX! Mimikyu can be useful if you attack your opponent's active Mewtwo & Mew they are shut off, but also, Mimikyu is good combined with cards like Roxie/Weezing and Shrine of Punishment! Mimikyu does have a counter, though, which is Stealthy Hood. If a Mewtwo & Mew GX attaches a Stealthy Hood, then Mimikyu will not work. But some Mewtwo & Mew GX decks have now removed Stealthy Hood in favor of Big Charm! 

Wobbuffet - 93/214 - Lost Thunder | Card Cavern


Wobbuffet is useful for countering Prism Star Pokémon! If it is on your bench, Prism Star Pokèmon in play have no Ability and cannot attack! This is useful for stopping cards like Victini, Ditto & Tapu Koko from working! With Victini, when you are up against a fire deck like Baby Blacephalon, then their Victini will not work, which means they cannot put all their energy back! This shutting off Tapu Koko prism star is also very useful as Tapu Koko is used in Pikachu & Zekrom GX decks to power them up quicker, to even do a turn 1/2 Full Blitz! But with Wobbuffet, they can't do all of that which can cripple and slow down these decks that use these Prism Stars! 

Oranguru - 148/202 - Sword & Shield - Holo | Card Cavern


Finally, we have the latest addition to this list of tech cards, Oranguru! Oranguru's ability allows you to swap a card from your hand with the top card of your deck! This is useful to save a card you don't want to maybe discard with a Professor's Research. This also can draw you an extra card, which is helpful if you are digging for any cards like Quick Ball or Custom Catcher! Oranguru also combo's very well with Magcargo from Celestial Storm as you use Magcargo's ability to put any card on top of your deck, then you can draw it with Oranguru! Oranguru is a very useful card to add in any deck right now and, apart from Absol, it is my second favorite Tech card to run right now! These are the best bench sitter tech cards to play in your deck, in my opinion, and all of them can be good for helping you out in certain situations!


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