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Here are some great new Pokémon TCG products that can help you build some of the best decks in the standard format, alongside also give you some very important cards for any decks you want to build! The products are the Legends of Galar Tins and the League Battle decks! With the new Zacian V tins, you receive the best V Pokémon card, Zacian V! Of course, Zacian V is crucial if you are trying to build an ADP/Zacian V deck. You can also use Zacian V's ability Intrepid Sword within decks like Blacephalon & Checkmate! Zacian V has always been a relatively expensive card, and now with this tin, it becomes easier to obtain one! The other V card Zamazenta is also pretty decent in ADP decks right now because it's ability makes it immune to VMAX cards like Dragapult & Toxtricity VMAX! 


While having a Zacian V promo card is great for new players, the most exciting new product release is the Pikachu & Zekrom League Battle deck! The Pikachu & Zekrom Deck comes with 4 Jirachis! This is really good as Jirachi from Team Up is one of the best cards in the standard format right now! A lot of times, when building a deck, running a couple of Jirachi is brought into the conversation. So picking up this Battle deck allows you to obtain 4 Jirachi for your collection and your future deck builds! The deck also comes with other important standard format staples like Marnie & Professor's Research. Pikachu & Zekrom GX won a huge tournament this past weekend too. As some people believe it is the best deck in the format right now, so if you're looking to play the best deck, then picking up the arena deck is also something to do! The Reshiram & Charizard deck comes with some important cards like Welder, which Welder based decks like Blacephalon and Fire Box are also among some of the best decks right now!  So on May 22nd picking up any of these products, whether you are looking for Jirachis or Zacian V can help you in building some of the standard formats best decks!