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With the release of Rebel Clash, we received many new VMAX cards, but one that is proving to be a pretty strong deck right now is, Toxtricity VMAX! Toxtricity VMAX, when combined with cards like Garbodor (REC) & Electropower, can mostly one-hit KO any card in its path! Including Tag Team GX's and even VMAX's! Toxtricity VMAX's attack, G-max Riot, does 160 damage + 80 more damage if your opponent's active Pokémon is poisoned. Garbodor's ability, Poisonous Puddle, auto Poisons your opponent's active Pokémon if there is a stadium in play. Which, with cards like Chaotic Swell, Thunder Mountain, & Giant Hearth, there will almost certainly be one in play! So let's take a look at a Toxtricity VMAX list and breakdown its key features so that you can dominate the field with this deck! 

Toxtricity VMAX - 71/192 - Rebel Clash | Pokemon Singles | Card CavernPokémon: 18 
- 3 Jirachi (TEU) 
- 3 Toxtricity V (Tin Promo or RC) 
- 3 Toxtricity VMAX (RC) 
- 3 Trubbish (RC)
- 2 Garbodor (RC) 
- 1 Tapu Koko Prism* (TEU) 
- 1 Boltund V (RC) 
- 1 Dedenne GX (UNB) 
- 1 Eldegoss V (RC) 

Trainers: 31 
- 4 Electropower (LOT) 
- 1 Evolution Incense (SWSH)
- 2 Pokémon Communication (TEU)
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH) 
- 1 Reset Stamp (UNM) 
- 2 Switch (SWSH) 
- 1 Tool Scrapper (RC) 
- 1 Thunder Mountain (LOT) 
- 1 Viridian Forest (TEU) 
- 2 Boss's Order (RC)
- 3 Marnie (SWSH) 
- 3 Professor's Research (SWSH)
- 2 Volkner (UPR)
- 2 Guzma & Hala (CEC) 
- 2 Escape Board (UPR) 


Energy: 11 
- 4 Speed Energy (RC) 
- 7 Lightning Energy 

So this is my Toxtricity list that I have been using. For the Pokémon, I like having the 3 Jirachis for starting and for pivoting into them to find cards like Electropower & Quick Ball in the early game. Tapu Koko Prism is also important because it can fuel up your Toxtricitys that are on the bench. Of course, you need lightning energy in the discard pile for it to work, but that is why I play 7 Lightning energy & Viridian Forest for more ways to discard the energy; Speed Energy does not work with Tapu Koko. The Boltund V is good for its first attack Electrify, which can search your deck for 2 Lightning energy and attach them to your benched Pokémon in any way you like! This allows you to charge up a Toxtricity on your bench instantly! You can find Garbodor in Rebel Clash Prerelease Kits and Toxtricty V from the promo box code!


Electropower - 172/214 - Lost Thunder | Pokemon Singles | Card Cavern

For the Trainer & Energy cards, some of the most important of them include Electropower, Guzma & Hala, and Volkner! Electropower, which we have 4 of, can be easily searched for with Volkner & Jirachi, but they allow your Toxtricity VMAX to go from doing 250 in total to 280-310 damage when you play a couple of them. The Guzma & Halas I find to be very important as they can find you Thunder Mountain & Speed Energy at once! With the Thunder Mountain in play, you can use Toxtricity VMAX's attack for 2 Lightning energy, making it possible to do this on your second turn! The Volkners are important, of course, for finding your basic Lighting energy and an item of choice, which can be Electropower or even Evolution incense to get a Toxtricity or Garbodor in play! This deck has added speed with cards like Professor's Research and Dedenne GX for extra digging, but with the Speed Energy, you can draw 2 additional cards when you attach it from your hand to a lightning Pokémon! These 2 cards can help you out if your hand is bad or when you just need that one more piece like Garbodor or a Stadium card! Toxtricity VMAX is very powerful and can easily defeat a lot of the big basic and sometimes even bulkier VMAX Pokemon and can show that this archetype might have some staying power in our new standard format! 

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