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Rebel Clash has a lot of new powerful Pokémon coming out in it like, Toxtricity VMAX & Rillaboom VMAX, but the one Pokémon from the set that I think is the best and makes the biggest impact will be Dragapult VMAX! Dragapult VMAX has a lot of powerful combinations, like with the new Horror Energy & Malamar! Let's take a look at some of the best ways to play Dragapult VMAX & see why it is so good!

Dragapult VMAX - 93/192 - Rebel Clash | Card Cavern Pokemon Singles


The most obvious way to play Dragapult VMAX is, of course, with Malamar! The synergy between the 2 is perfect as Malamar already plays spread attackers like Blacephalon & Giratina. Also, with Malamar being able to power up your Dragapult VMAX very easily, it creates a great new partner for the Malamar deck! With Dragapult VMAX's attack that does 130 and then you put 5 damage counters on your opponent's bench pokémon, you can combine this attack with Blacephalon (CEC) to spread a lot of damage and take multiple prizes. Another card I think that combines well with Dragapult VMAX is Espurr (UNB). Which, if you keep putting 5 damage counters with Dragapult's attack on a benched Tag Team/VMAX Pokémon, you can finish that Pokémon off with Espurr! Here is a list I have created for this archetype: 

Pokémon: 19 
- 3 Jirachi (TEU)
- 3 Inkay (FLI)
- 3 Malamar (FLI) 
- 1 Giratina (LOT)
- 1 Blacephalon (CEC)
- 3 Dragapult V (RC)
- 3 Dragapult VMAX (RC)
- 1 Mimikyu (GUR) 

- 1 Espurr (UNB) 

Trainers: 32 
- 1 Great Catcher (CEC) 
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH) 
- 4 Mysterious Treasure (FLI) 
- 1 Ordinary Rod (SWSH) 
- 4 Switch (SWSH) 
- 2 Viridian Forest (TEU) 
- 4 Cynthia (UPR) 
- 3 Professor's Research (SWSH) 
- 2 Marnie (SWSH) 
- 2 Boss's Orders (RC) 
- 1 Air Balloon (SWSH) 
- 2 Spell Tag (LOT) 
- 2 Escape Board (UPR) 

Energy: 9 
- 4 Horror Energy (RC) 
- 5 Psychic Energy 

This list tries to utilize all the good basic psychic attackers. Of which, my favorite one is the inclusion of the Espurr because if you KO a Tag Team/VMAX with Dragapult VMAX & they have another one on their bench that you softened up with Dragapult's attack you can easily KO it with Espurr to win the game! This build also has room for extra cards like Latios GX & Gengar & Mimikyu GX!

Weezing - 77/236 - Cosmic Eclipse | Card Cavern Pokemon Singles  


The next big Dragapult VMAX that will be coming is the Roxie version. This build uses Roxie with Weezing & Koffing from CEC to spread damage counters, all while building up a big hand to build up a Dragapult VMAX. Obviously, with this build, you are also spreading damage with Roxie & Dragapult VMAX to KO even easier. Especially, since the Roxie is adding an extra 20 damage to the active a turn, making Dragapult VMAX go from 260 a turn to 300/280 a turn on Tag Teams! This deck can also use the easier Tag Call, Mallow & Lana/Guzma & Hala engine to heal and also set up your Dragapult VMAX's Horror Energy attachments. This build seems to be the one that is garnering the most hype & the most attention, but I feel like the Malamar version is better since Roxie decks get hit hard by Marnie & Reset Stamp. Also, because Malamar can utilize the most backup options as many other combos exist like Latios GX, Solgaleo & Lunala GX & the new Dragapult. Either way, with both Dragapult VMAX decks, this card is sure to shake up the standard format and debatably become one of the new best decks! 


Post By: LittleDarkFury