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With the newest set that will be releasing on May 1st, Rebel Clash, we are getting quite a few new game-changing cards! Ranging from the Trainer Cards, Pokémon V & VMAX & even the special energy cards! Let's dive in and see what cards are going to change our standard format!

Dragapult VMAX | Card Cavern TCG | Pokemon Cards


Starting things off, we have the new Pokémon. The first card that is going to be useful is the new VMAX, Dragapult VMAX! Dragapult VMAX looks to be a promising, debatably new top tier contender! With its attack that does 130 damage, then allowing you to put 5 damage counters anywhere you like on your opponent's bench makes it very good for spreading! This attack can help KO bench sitters like Jirachu & Dedenne GX! Some of the ways people have been building Dragapult VMAX are with; Malamar, Roxie & Mismagius! Eldegoss V is a game-changing Pokemon from Rebel Clash! Eldegoss V is going to be the 2nd new Dedenne GX because of its ability, which states, "When you play Eldegoss V from your hand onto your bench, you may search your discard pile for a supporter and put it in your hand." This means that Eldegoss V has a VS Seeker in the form of an ability! This ability will be a game closer, possibly when combining it with the new Boss's Order in this set too! Eldegoss V is something you want to get your hands on, as most decks going forward will play at least 1 or 2! 


Boss's Orders | Card Cavern TCGs | Pokemon Cards


As for new Trainers in Rebel Clash, we have 3 powerful ones! Starting things off, we have the return of "Lysandre," this time in the form of Boss's Orders! This card is quite simple, it is your supporter for the turn, but it lets you bring a Pokémon from your opponent's bench to their active spot! This means you can bring up a Pokémon like Dedenne GX or one that they are trying to power up and KO it! This supporter combines really with the previously mentioned Eldegoss V! Boss's Order can also be used to get around the pesky Lillie's Poké Doll which will help stop Mill and Stall decks from being good! Boss's Orders will be a card that you want to get 3-4 of as it will be going in every deck! The next big trainer card comes in the form of an item card called; Scoop Up Net! Scoop Up Net allows you to return a non-GX/V card from your field back into your hand while discarding all cards attached to it! This card will be useful to heal non-GX Pokémon that have high HP. It's also very good with Jirachi as instead of using Escape Board to retreat it, you can simply play Scoop Up Net, which will get around Absol! This Scoop Up Net also lets you reuse Galarian Zigzagoon to add extra damage to one of your opponent's Pokémon! The last new Trainer card is another Item card. This one is a reprint of Tool Scrapper. Tool Scrapper allows you to discard up to 2 tool cards in play. This card is very good because ever since Field Blower left the standard format, there hasn't been a very efficient way to remove tools. Tool Scrapper will help remove pesky tools like Spell Tag, Escape Board & Lucky Egg! 


Twin Energy | Card Cavern TCGs | Pokemon Cards

Special Energy 

Finally, we have a new Special Energy card that is Double Colorless Energy but only for non-GX/V Pokémon, called Twin Energy! The nice thing about Twin Energy is that it improves some non-GX cards quite a bit, allowing them to essentially attack for one energy! Some of the cards that Twin Energy benefits are Golurk, Gallade, Steelix & Weezing! When more new sets release, Twin Energy will continue to see play as more new cards that are feasible with Twin Energy will come out, and maybe we will get a big, game-changing non-GX card that works well with Twin Energy! Rebel Clash will be an enjoyable set and is adding some great new cards that the standard format was sorely lacking! 

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