Tag Team Powers Collection Box | Card Cavern Pokemon Singles

With the new Tag Team Powers Box that just released, we get the last ever new GX card we will ever get; Carracosta GX. Alongside it, we also receive two new arts for two different Tag Team cards; Espeon & Deoxys and Umbreon & Darkrai GX! There is also a new art for Eevee GX and a 3 more promo cards, being; Leafeon, Glaceon & Regigigas! The 3 new promos are not very playable, but they are good collectible cards. However, the 4 different GX cards have some cool decks they can be used in! Let's see what they can be good with, especially the new Carracosta GX!

Carracosta GX SM239 - Sun & Moon Promos | Card Cavern Pokemon Singles

Carracosta GX 

So, Carracosta GX is like the final new GX card that is not a reprint of another card! Carracosta GX has a powerful ability that makes it take 90 less damage from attacks if it has full HP! This means that Carracosta has 340 HP! And if you combine it with Buff Padding, Carracosta has 390 HP total! Another plus about Carracosta is that it can be put into play easily through Pokémon Research Lab, where you can put two Tirtougas into play! Carracosta has 1 attack that costs 4 energy; 1 Fighting & 3 Colourless. Simple ways to power this card up quickly can be through; Super Boost Energy, Triple Energy Acceleration, Karate Belt & Welder! Carracosta's GX attack for 1 colorless allows you to put any number of Pokémon that evolve from Unidentified Fossil from your discard pile onto your bench. This means if you discard multiple Tirtougas, Aerodactyls, and Cranidos, you can put them into play immediately! You can also try combining this attack with Mewtwo & Mew GX to make the process of using it a lot quicker! Some of the best ways to play Carracosta GX include: Welder/Research Lab Builds, Mewtwo & Mew GX/Rampardos Builds & Carracosta with Triple Energy & Aerodactyl GX Builds! 

Umbreon & Darkrai GX SM241 | Espeon & Deoxys GX SM240 - Sun & Moon Promos | Card Cavern Pokemon Singles

New Arts 

With the collection box, we also receive new arts for Esepon & Deoxys GX and Umbreon & Darkrai GX! These two GXs are both good and work in a few different decks already! The new Espeon & Deoxys art can help you bling out your Malamar or Mewtwo & Mew GX decks that may already play Espeon & Deoxys GX! The Umbreon & Darkrai GX art is a great upgrade for the standard Dark Box decks, with Umbreon & Darkrai being a big player in the standard version of Dark Box! Also, in the Box is a new art for Eevee GX, which sees play with the many Eeveelution GXs we have such as Jolteon GX & Flareon GX! The Tag Team Powers Collection box has quite a few cool cards in it and is an excellent buy for collectors and players alike!