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With the release of Vivid Voltage, we received a very exciting and unique VMAX, Orbeetle VMAX! Orbeetle VMAX has been doing well with so many different variants, including Weezing, Ampharos V & Dewgong, to name a few! The list I wanted to cover today was a quad, straight forward Orbeelte VMAX build, using cards like Lillie's Pokédoll & Snorlax! Let's look at a sample list of this deck & break it down! 

 Orbeetle VMAX - 021/185 - Vivid Voltage | Pokemon Cards

The List: 

Pokémon: 11 
- 3 Snorlax (VIV)
- 4 Orbeetle V (VIV, Promo)
- 4 Orbeetle VMAX (VIV)

Trainers: 39 
- 2 Evolution Incense (VIV) 
- 4 Lillie's Pokédoll (CEC)
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)
- 2 Reset Stamp (UNI)
- 4 Switch (SWSH)
- 2 Tag Call (CEC)
- 1 Tool Scrapper (RCL) 
- 2 Turffield Stadium (RCL)
- 1 Wondrous Labyrinth (TEU)
- 4 Bird Keeper (DAA) 
- 2 Boss's Order (RCL)
- 1 Caitlyn & Cynthia (CEC)
- 2 Guzma & Hala (CEC) 
- 3 Mallow & Lana (CEC)
- 3 Marnie (SWSH)
- 2 U-Turn Board (UNI)

Energy: 10 
- 3 Aromatic Grass Energy (VIV)
- 3 Capture Energy (RCL)
- 2 Weakness Guard Energy (UNI)
- 2 Basic Grass Energy 


So this deck is very straight forward & just plays 4-4 Orbeetle VMAX alongside a few Snorlax! Snorlax within this deck acts as a wall Pokemon where after you use Orbeetle VMAX’s ability to put a damage counter on all of your opponent’s Pokemon! After using Orbeetle’s ability a couple of times, you can switch/retreat into either a Snorlax or a Lillie’s Pokedoll! 

 Snorlax - 131/185 - Vivid Voltage - Holo | Pokemon Cards

Snorlax’s ability allows you to draw cards until you have 7 cards in your hand if it is in your active spot, but your turn ends. This is fine because it can give us more resources to work with to be able to keep up with the Orbeetle VMAX spam. Snorlax is also useful for setting up a few Orbeetle VMAX's as you can sit back and draw cards while trying to find multiple Orbeetle to put into play! 


While, of course, you want to spam Orbeetle's ability & hide behind walls & dolls, Orbeetle can still attack and do significant damage! Orbeetle VMAX's attack G-Max Wave does 50+ 50 more damage for each energy attached to your opponent's active Pokemon! This is pretty strong as you get an extra 50 damage on top of the damage, technically 60 + 50 because of Orbeetle's ability! This means you do 200 damage to a Pokemon with 3 energy on it! Some Pokemon will have 4, or more so you can hit even harder, upwards of 300 damage! Combined with the ability spam you do at first, Orbeetle's attack can finish stuff off! 

Guzma & Hala - 193/236 - Cosmic Eclipse | Pokemon Cards

While this deck does revolve around the Orbeetles & your walls, the supporters are also very important! Bird Keeper is great in here as a 4 of as with it you can use it to get a free switch into another Orbeetle VMAX! This card combined with U-Turn Board & Switch is how you're able to do output 3 Eerie Beams in one turn! There are also many Tag Team supporters here that also play a big role in the deck! The Guzma & Halas allow you to find your special energy like Capture energy or Aromatic Energy but also a Turffield stadium that can search out an Orbeetle VMAX & a U-Turn Board for the switching potential! 

Mallow & Lana is also essential here to be able to switch your Orbeetle VMAX and heal the Orbeetles! They only have 310 HP, so healing 120 damage can be useful to stop your opponent from KOing you! These supporters can be easily accessible through Tag Call, which can let you take 2 of these supporters from your deck to your hand! The stadiums play a big role as the Turffield Stadiums let you find an Orbeetle VMAX and act as a counter stadium for stuff like Giant Hearth! The Wondrous Labyrinth can be clutch in the late game as you can put it down if you have an Orbeetle VMAX with 3 energy on it, making it harder for your opponent to attack and add an extra 50 damage to Orbeetle's attack! 

 The deck does play a lot of special energy, but they are all searchable through Guzma & Hala! The Aromatic Energy acts as grass energy and protects our Orbeetles from Poison like from Galarian Slowbro V in Eternatus decks or from Paralysis from Raichu & Alolan Raichu GX! The Weakness Guard is vital for the fire matchup, mainly the Centiskorch VMAX, especially since Centiskorch VMAX tends to have a lot of energy on it! Capture energy is important to find more Orbeetle V's or an extra Snorlax! Helping you build up an army of Orbeetle! Some other cards to add to this deck include Marshadow, Tapu Fini, Mimikyu, Crushing Hammer, 3rd Guzma & Hala and, 2nd Caitlyn & Cynthia! 

Orbeetle VMAX seems to be really unique right now as many variants of it are popping up left & right! While Orbeetle seems to have an awful weakness to fire, it still seems it can go toe to toe with the top decks & can beat them! 


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