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With Eternatus VMAX & PikaRom being very dominant in the format, many Fighting decks have been seeing quite a bit of experimenting and testing. One of the most successful fighting decks right now is Primal Flygon! This is how Flygon GX deck got its name; Primal Flygon played very similarly to the old Primal Groudon EX decks from back in the day! Let's looks at a sample list to see what the deck is all about! 

Flygon GX - 110/236 - Cosmic Eclipse | Card Cavern TCGs | Pokemon Singles

The List: 

Pokémon: 17 
- 4 Trapinch (DAA)
- 4 Vibrava (CEC)
- 3 Flygon GX (CEC)
- 1 Flygon (DAA)
- 4 Snorlax (VIV)
- 1 Mew (UNB)

Trainers: 33
- 3 Evolution Incense (SWSH) 
- 4 Lillie's Poké doll (CEC)
- 1 Ordinary Rod (SWSH)
- 2 Pokémon Communication (TEU)
- 4 Quick Ball (SWSH)
- 1 Scoop Up Net (RCL)
- 3 Martial Art Dojo (UNB) 
- 2 Bird Keeper (DAA)
- 2 Professor's Research (SWSH)
- 4 Marnie (SWSH)
- 2 Boss's Order (RCL)
- 3 Rosa (CEC) 
- 2 Karate Belt (UNI) 

Energy: 10 
- 4 Stone Fighting Energy (VIV)
- 6 Basic Fighting Energy 

Snorlax - 131/185 - Vivid Voltage - Holo | Card Cavern TCGs | Pokemon Singles

This is what the Flygon GX deck looks like; the whole strategy behind this deck is to use Snorlax with its ability Gormandize to draw cards until you have 7 in your hand. While you're doing this, you put Vibravas into play. Vibrava's ability makes it so it can not be gusted up through Boss's Order! Much like Primal Groudon's Ancient Trait with the same effect! This means the only ways to bring it to the active would be cards like Pokémon Catcher, Phione & Ninetales! These cards are all not very popular, so it is easy to have Vibrava sit on the bench until it is ready to be brought up! Once you're ready to KO stuff, you then evolve your Vibrava into Flygon GX to attack and start taking knockouts! It is easier to get to Flygon GX thanks to Karate Belt, allowing you to attack for only 2 fighting energy if you're behind on prizes, which because of Snorlax you should be! 


Flygon is pretty strong as it can do 240 damage if there is a stadium in play, allowing you to OHKO most V's like Zacian but also KO PikaRom & Eternatus VMAX for a ton of damage! With Martial Arts Dojo in play, while you are behind on prizes, you can do 280 damage instead, allowing you to OHKO ADP! This is important to beating the ADP matchup! Flygon's GX attack for 3 energy does 220 damage and is not affected by any effects on your opponent's active; this can let you OHKO a Zacian V in the LucMetal matchup, but also can KO a Decidueye! It is also good if you do not have a stadium to do 240! Flygon's ability is also powerful as it reduces damage done to it by 30, meaning your opponent has to do 270 or more damage to take you down in one hit! Zacian can't even KO with the buff to its attack by ADP!

The deck also uses Mew so that while you are building up to Flygon, your opponent can't try to snipe the Vibravas! The reasoning for the other Flygon from Darkness Ablaze is it can act as an attacker in a few certain matchups; it can be used against Decidueye as with a Martial Arts Dojo, to do 140 to OHKO them! It is also useful against Baby Blacephalon as if they play down a Giant Hearth Flygon's attack makes it so you discard the stadium but also that your opponent can't damage Flygon during their next turn! This means you can get 2 Prizes with the Flygon, or if they play down another Giant Hearth, you can keep using this attack! Flygon also has an ability where if it is in the active spot, your opponent's active can't retreat; this means you can possibly win a game by trapping a Dedenne GX in the active if your opponent is out of switch! 

Rosa - 204/236 - Cosmic Eclipse - Holo | Card Cavern TCGs | Pokemon Singles 

 The supporters are all pretty helpful as having Marnie & Research just let you draw through your deck to help find Vibrava & energy. Marnie is also good to combo with Snorlax as you play your hand down smaller for Gormandize! Rosa is very good here since when you're ready to attack with Flygon, you can play Rosa to grab Flygon, Karate Belt & Energy! The Bird Keeper is important for Snorlax to move it, same with the Scoop Up Net, to help move your Snorlax when you're done with it! The Scoop Up Net is also important against ADP to take a Pokémon out of play, so you don't lose to a Boss's Order! Of course, with Lillie's Pokédoll, you can also use it to sit behind and power up your Vibravas! The Stone energy in the deck also gives your Flygon more HP when combined with its ability! This can help against Centiskorch, Eternatus VMAX & ADP with Leon! 

If you're wondering how to beat ADP, you essentially want to wait until they KO your first Snorlax, then you use Flygon GX to KO their ADP, Flygon should take a hit from Zacian, you KO Zacian with either your GX attack or first attack, then you have your last Flygon you powered up in the background take the last Prize on either Dedenne GX or Zacian again! Having a turn where you miss energy can be crucial here as every turn you want to be attaching energy to Vibrava! Some other cards to add to this deck include: Marshadow, 4th Rosa, 3rd Boss, Great Catcher, Caitlyn & Cynthia, and 2nd Scoop Up Net are all excellent options! 

Well, as fighting weak Pokémon continue to dominate the game, we will continue to see players try to make fighting decks like Coalossal VMAX, Flygon GX & Donphan work! Out of all the fighting decks being used, I think Flygon GX is definitely the most fun one to play! 


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